Facebook Reflections - Connecting with loved ones beyond death

Curating Your Legacy on Facebook 

Reflections - Hackathon Project

What happens to our Facebook when we pass away?
How can we make the experience of confronting death more meaningful online?

Those were the question I wanted to explore in the company wide hackathon at Facebook during my summer internship. My role in the team was to lead the ideation, strategize user flow, define look and feel of the product and create content for the prototype.

TEAM Jasmine Oh Allison Chan Chris Elawa Michelle Mederos

ROLE Content Strategist Company Hackathon Facebook Summer Internship Aug, 2016

Disclosure: This is purely a conceptual piece. This is not an actual product that has been realized at Facebook. 



Note called "Reflections" that is shared with loved ones after you pass away.

During the design process, we wanted to focus on the emotional experience of all users.
Users can be divided by 3 scenarios:
1) Writing reflections
2) Publishing reflections as a trusted Legacy Contact
3) Reading reflections as a friend of the deceased


1. Experience of people writing reflections

The confrontation of mortality is a difficult topic for anyone.

We hope to elevate the experience by encouraging people to thank loved ones, leave a piece of advice behind and celebrate those who have enriched their lives. People should feel like they have the liberty to write about anything they want, but have enough guidance in case they are lost about what to write. 



2. Experience of legacy contact reading and posting reflections

The legacy contact might be confused, overwhelmed and sad about their recent loss. 

We want to gently walk through the Legacy Contact about their responsibilities without pressuring them to post Reflections. 



3. Experience of friends visiting memorialized profile

Friends visiting the memorialized profile may or may not know about the death.

We wanted to help people find connections to those they care about even after they've passed away and to find support from others when grieving.




Design can help people embrace mortality and not be paralyzed by fear of death.

One of the biggest challenge for memorialization in general is that many people don't like to think or talk about death. That is not to say that people aren't aware or concerned about the future of their accounts. In the hackathon project, we tried to foster an environment that channels this fear of death towards care for one's own legacy.