Can't Find - Alternative Design

2. Still can't find the car - Alternative Design

If someone can't locate the car even after using the beacon or seeing it's surroundings, there are 3 options:

1) Call a Uber Representative
2) Order a new ride
2) Cancel this ride


Why I didn't choose the initial design:

1. Minimize cancellation rate.
In a business perspective, it's important to encourage people to continue using Uber instead of canceling the ride completely.

2. Always having human support in distressing situations
In case the previous options to locate the car didn't work or people didn't know how to use them, they could always get help from an Uber representative to find the car. The Uber representative could describe how the car looks like or navigate the user to the car.  

3. Confusing content
"Cancel this ride" button was right above "Cancel." It's confusing whether you are canceling the ride or closing the modal. I changed the content to be "Close" instead of "Cancel."