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Mixed reality prototyping tool for advertisers

In collaboration with Verizon ENVRMNT (AR/VR Team) and NYC Media Lab, we're building a easy to use mobile prototyping tool for advertisers to 3D scan real life objects and curate AR markers.  I'm working in a multidisciplinary team comprised of a back-end engineer specializing in Computer Vision and AR and a front end developer. 
As the designer in the team, my role is to lead user research, strategize the user flow and design the prototype.

ROLE Product Designer . Verizon VR/AR Team Jan. 2017 - April 2017

TEAM Jasmine Oh Iris Qu Andrew Mendez




Pain Point





How does it work?

There are 2 components to our product:
1. Cloud management system - Allows you to upload any 2D or 3D Asset
2. Mobile App - Scan a real life object, curate an AR Marker and connect it to the uploaded asset from the web
3. SDK - Easily integrate the project into their own native apps


Market Research


User Research

We talked to marketers/advertisers, designers in advertising agencies and AR companies who work with advertisers to get a comprehensive view of how our product could integrate into their current work flows. From our research, we realized that many advertisers are unfamiliar with mixed reality and have limited experience 3D scanning an object. Currently, for those who are working in AR/MR related projects, their biggest pain point was having to communicate their ideas through sketches or flat designs.





User Persona


User Flow

1. Login


2. Scan a real life object

2. Create a new project - Curate an AR Target


3. Edit the asset

4. Test the target detection


Project Timeline


Product Diagram

We built a SDK so any advertiser could integrate their projects into their own native apps.